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Nabilla and Bitcoin: the sanctions of the DGCCRF
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Three years ago, Nabilla’s Snapchat statements about bitcoin had inflamed the media, causing the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) to react. On July 28, 2021, the epilogue of this case was announced in a statement from the Directorate General for … Read More

Crypto companies, beware of the PSAN decree!
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Most companies in the cryptocurrency sector will soon be affected by the consequences of Decree No. 2019-1213 of November 21, 2019 on digital asset service providers (DASPs). The deadline is short: the last texts implementing the decree (two instructions and … Read More

ISO/TC307 – The Standardisation of Blockchains
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After Sydney, London, Tokyo and Moscow, it is now Dublin’s turn to host the Plenary Meeting of the Technical Committee (TC) of the International Standardization Organization (ISO) concerning “Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies” (number 307). This 5th meeting of TC … Read More

Police and Thieves… and Bitcoin (2/2)
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The first part of this article is available here. II – The “police”… and Bitcoin The relationship between police officers, gendarmes, customs officers (“gendarmes”) and Bitcoin is not well known. Yet they exist. An analysis of press releases shows that … Read More