Police and Thieves… and Bitcoin (1/2)

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Faced with the headlines of some newspapers that associate the word bitcoin with “sulphurous”, “scam” or “danger”, many people, uninformed, still have the reflex to associate bitcoin with the darknet. What is the reality? Are we in the “Wild West”? … Read More

15 March 2018: The AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers) Published Its First Blacklist of Websites Offering Investments in Crypto-assets

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I – Background The strong rise in cryptocurrencies in 2017 attracted a large number of new investors, many willing to do anything to make big profits. It also attracted a number of dubious players who were claiming high rates of … Read More

Blockchain supported by the AMF

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The Autorité des Marchés Financiers (“AMF”) published on July 3 and 20, 2017, its 2017 risk mapping (where a few pages are devoted to the specific case of blockchain) and its response to the European Commission’s consultation on FinTech: “Towards … Read More

France consults with blockchain experts

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In a text published in French and, to be noted, in English, the French Treasury launched on March 24 a public consultation on the topic of blockchain on its website. This consultation is particularly interested in the application of this … Read More

France wants to be the first to regulate blockchain in Europe (3/3)

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III – The decree on minibonds or the challenges of the French government (Read : first part – second part) “The decree on minibonds will be published during 2017,” Ms. Minister Axelle Lemaire, Secretary of State for Digital and Innovation, … Read More

France wants to be the first to regulate blockchain in Europe (2/3)

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II – France’s ambitions for blockchain in the European Union (Read the first part) “It is in French law that, for the first time in Europe, we are going to set the legal and security conditions under which decentralized financial … Read More

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