France wants to be the first to regulate blockchain in Europe (2/3)

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II – France’s ambitions for blockchain in the European Union (Read the first part) “It is in French law that, for the first time in Europe, we are going to set the legal and security conditions under which decentralized financial … Read More

France gives legal value to the blockchain

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The first steps of a new paradigm have just been taken on April 28, when France, with the signing of the ordinance on cash vouchers, enshrined blockchain in law for the first time. This new technology has not only been … Read More

Europol: Bitcoin does not finance terrorists

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Accusations that Bitcoin is being used to fund terrorism have just been invalidated by  a January 2016 Europol report. Let’s remember: after the terrible terrorist attacks in Paris in January and November 2015, many voices were raised against Bitcoin, accusing it … Read More